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Overview Of Laser Cutting Machine

Basic composition of laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine can be divided into solid laser cutting machine and gas laser cutting machine according to different working materials of laser; according to different working methods of laser, it is divided into continuous laser cutting machine and pulse laser cutting machine. Most of the laser cutting machines use CO2 laser cutting equipment, which is mainly composed of laser, light guide system, CNC motion system, cutting torch, operating table, gas source, water source and smoking system.

Classification of laser cutting machine:

1.TAG laser cutting machine

2. Fiber laser cutting machine

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The use of laser cutting machine:

1. Laser is a kind of coherent light with high intensity, good directivity and good monochromaticity. Due to the small divergence angle and good monochromaticity of the laser, in principle, it can focus on small spots with a size similar to the wavelength of the light (micron or even sub-micron level), and the high intensity of the laser itself can make it The power density at the focal point reaches 107~1011W/cm2, and the temperature can reach above 10000℃. At such a high temperature, any material will instantly melt and vaporize rapidly, and be ejected explosively at a high speed, and at the same time produce a highly directional impact. Therefore, laser processing works under the photothermal effect to produce a comprehensive process of high-temperature melting and shock wave throwing.

2. Characteristics of laser processing

The characteristics of laser processing mainly include the following aspects:

  a. Almost all metal and non-metal materials can be laser processed.

  b. The laser can be focused into a very small light spot, which can be used for fine and precise processing, such as the processing of fine narrow slits and micro holes.

3. The mirror can be used to send the laser beam to an isolation room or other place away from the laser for processing.

4. No tool is needed for processing, which belongs to non-contact processing and no mechanical deformation.

5. No processing tools and special environment are required, which is convenient for automatic control of continuous processing, high processing efficiency, and small processing deformation and thermal deformation.



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