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What are the factors affecting the accuracy of laser cutting machine

It is a common failure for laser equipment to have dimensional errors during processing. Such failures will affect the user's production efficiency and cost. However, for users, errors in cutting accuracy may not be the cause of the equipment. The following factors also affect the cutting accuracy of laser cutting machine equipment:

1, processed materials

    Different processing materials will have different cutting accuracy, even for the same material, if the ingredients in the material are not completely the same, the cutting accuracy will be affected;

2, laser spot size

    If the accuracy of the laser cutting machine cutting material is very high, it means that the light spot condensed by the device is very small, in fact, the smaller the light spot, the higher the processing quality;

3, the laser beam condenses into a cone

    If the laser cutting machine is cutting, the laser beam is tapered downward, and the thickness of the material is large, then the cutting accuracy will be reduced, and the gap will be very large;

4. Precision of worktable

    The accuracy of the worktable is a very important factor to measure the accuracy of the laser generator. The accuracy of the worktable will also directly affect the cutting accuracy of the laser cutting machine;

After the introduction above, it is not difficult to find that in addition to the device itself, the size of the light spot, the thickness of the material, and the accuracy of the work table will affect the cutting accuracy of the device. Users should avoid these adverse factors when using the device. The quality and accuracy of the material cut in this way will be greatly improved.

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