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Woodworking Machine 3 axis 4 axis Wood CNC Router 4 Heads

Woodworking Machine 3 axis 4 axis Wood CNC Router 4 Heads

Woodworking Machine 3 axis 4 axis Wood CNC Router 4 Heads

with tripartite-spindles CNC Router is an intelligent economic Pneumatic-Tool-Changer equipment. It can complete multi-process machining through three separate automatic switching, nesting, routering, vertical drilling and engraving all in one. It is well-suited for woodworking furniture, panel furniture, office furniture, cabinets, closet production in all shapes.


Machine Tools

Thick Steel Pipe Welding, Processed by 5 axis Working center


Taiwan LNC MW 2200

Guide Rails

Taiwan brand


Helical gears rails

Gears Rails

1.5M high precision helical gears rails

Z axis

HQD 6KW 4pcs

Working Table

6 parts vacuum area

Vacuum Pump

7.5KW water cooling vacuum pump 466m3/min

Electric parts

CHT electric parts, High flexible shielded cable, brand pneumatic component



Speed Reducer

Japan SHRIMPO speed reducer

Drive Motors

LEADSHIN 750w servo motor and driver(Z-axis band brake)

Position Mode

3+2 position,Hand wheel control,auto height settings

Material Feeding

automatic material feeding device,

Dust Proof and Oil lubricating

dust proof for guide rails and gears rails, electrical oil lubricating system


1,Rapid running speed: two axes are rack gear, fast, high efficiency, maximum speed is up to 60 m / min.
2,High-speed drive stepper motor and drive, Y-axis dual-motor drive, helical rack drive.
3,Stable running: imported linear rails,double row four columns ball slider, Large bearing capacity, smooth running.
4,Intelligent control: NC Studio control system (optional DSP handle control system off-line), it can continue after break.
5,High precision: using advanced three curve prediction algorithm ensure the curve of speed and accuracy, and can be a good compatibility with softwares: (such as: MasterCAM, Type3, UG, AutoCAD, ArtCAM, Pro/E, JDpaint) and so on
6,Durable: the whole bed welded steel, strong, forceful, smooth rotation,no distortion after long high speed run, no shaking.
Gantry movement, strengthen the surface, can be arbitrary processing work surface material, durable.