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Portable Laser Rust Removal Machine Luggage Type Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser Rust Removal Machine Luggage Type Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

Portable Laser Rust Removal Machine Luggage Type Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

If you are looking for an affordable portable laser cleaning machine, laser rust removal machine, which can laser cleaning for rust, painting, etc, the trunk type cleaning equipment like an Luggage box, with 100W fiber laser source, you can move it to any place that you want. this laser cleaning system with control software, easy operation, handheld laser cleaner head with very light weight for sale from China.

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This is the mosty cheapest cleaning machine during laser cleaning machine, this laser cleaning machine price is the mostly cost price.

so if the budget is not enough, you can thinking purchase Bogong 100W laser cleaning equipement. you can use this machine do laser paint removal, laser rust removal, laser metal cleaning, laser paint removal.    

Laser derusting machine detail as below:


Parameters of laser cleaning machine

100W laser cleaning machine

Output armor cable lengthm5
Average output powerW>100
Maximum pulse energymJ1.5
Frequency adjustable rangekHz1-4000
Pulse Widthns2-500
Unstable output power





cooling method
Supply voltageV48V
Maximum power consumptionW<400
Environment supply currentA>8
current Center wavelengthnm1064
Spectral width@3dBnm<15
Polarization direction
at will
Whether anti-high reflection
Beam diametermm4.0±0.5,7.5±0.5(customization)
Power adjustment range%0~100
range of working temperature0~40
Storage temperature range-10~60
Laser source sizemm350*280*112
Laser source weightKg13.2

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Product characteristics for Laser cleaning machine


1. The dedusting machine can work offline, and it can be cleaned after power on

2. Laser collimation output, output spot size can be customized (default 4mm spot)

3. The laser cleaning head is extremely lightweight, weighs only 620g (without armor cable), and can be operated by hand for a long time

4. Patented red light assisted focusing technology, can adjust the focus position according to different field lenses

5. Wireless control, can realize parameter setting and light control remotely, and update parameters at any time

6. Portable trolley case design, the weight of the whole machine is 28kg, and it can be transported by high-speed rail or air consignment

7. Super strong integrated injection molding chassis, cushioning design, stable structure, wear resistance, shock resistance and drop resistance